Goal setting is so much more than just saying „I want something to happen“   Did you ever feel like you worked so hard for something yet you didn’t achieve anything? Well, maybe you have seen some growth but your efforts toward your goals haven’t led to the desired end result and rather led to […]

How to set your goals so you can actually achieve them


A delicious Blueberry Chocolate Cheesecake completely gluten free.  There were days when I thought, “How am I supposed to bake without gluten, will it even work?” Well, I was taught better.   What is actually gluten?   For those who don’t know: gluten is the sticky composite that takes care of the elasticity of the […]


Blueberry Chocolate Cheesecake (gluten free)

Chocolate – a balsam for the soul Chocolate is an important ingredient in our family kitchen and lifestyle. To the widespread statement “chocolate makes happy” we would surely say: “Where should we sign?”. The first question my son asks me when I want to pamper us with something sweet is: “Is it with chocolate?”. He […]

Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies


Since fall is my favorite time of the year fall portrait sessions are forcing my creativity to blossom completely. While fall is a great time taking your family portraits (couple or personal branding portraits as well) creating authentic photos can be sometimes very challenging. My 5 tips for you on how you can turn your […]


5 Photography tips to create better fall portraits